garter snake

garter snake
1) см. ribbon snake
2) африканский коралловый аспид (Elapsoidea)
* * *
африканский коралловый аспид
подвязочная змея

English-russian biological dictionary. 2013.

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  • Garter snake — Snake Snake, n. [AS. snaca; akin to LG. snake, schnake, Icel. sn[=a]kr, sn?kr, Dan. snog, Sw. snok; of uncertain origin.] (Zo[ o]l.) Any species of the order Ophidia; an ophidian; a serpent, whether harmless or venomous. See {Ophidia}, and… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Garter snake — Garter Gar ter, n. [OE. gartier, F. jarreti[ e]re, fr. OF. garet bend of the knee, F. jarret; akin to Sp. garra claw, Prov. garra leg. See {Garrote}.] 1. A band used to prevent a stocking from slipping down on the leg. [1913 Webster] 2. The… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • garter snake — garter .snake n a harmless American snake with lines of colour along its back …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • garter snake — garter ,snake noun count a small harmless snake that is found in North America and usually has three white STRIPES on it …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • garter snake — ☆ garter snake n. any of various small, harmless, striped colubrid snakes (genus Thamnophis) common in North America …   English World dictionary

  • Garter snake — Taxobox name = garter snake image size = 240px image caption = Coast garter snake Thamnophis elegans terrestris regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Reptilia ordo = Squamata subordo = Serpentes familia = Colubridae genus = Thamnophis… …   Wikipedia

  • garter snake — noun any of numerous nonvenomous longitudinally striped viviparous North American and Central American snakes (Freq. 2) • Syn: ↑grass snake • Hypernyms: ↑colubrid snake, ↑colubrid • Hyponyms: ↑common garter snake, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • garter snake — any of numerous harmless snakes of the genus Thamnophis, common in North and Central America, ranging in size from 14 to 30 in. (36 to 76 cm) and typically having three longitudinal stripes on the back. [1760 70, Amer.] * * * Any of more than a… …   Universalium

  • garter snake — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms garter snake : singular garter snake plural garter snakes a small harmless snake that is found in North America and usually has three white stripes on it …   English dictionary

  • garter-snake — garˈter snake noun 1. In N America, any snake of the genus Thamnophis, non venomous, longitudinally striped 2. In S Africa applied to two venomous snakes, with black and red rings (see ↑Elaps) • • • Main Entry: ↑garter …   Useful english dictionary

  • garter snake — n. harmless and common snake with yellow or red stripes running lengthwise and found in North and Central America; poisonous burrowing African snake which is usually dark with lighter strips …   English contemporary dictionary

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